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Our Missions

The unicorn has been designated as the smallest measurable unit of time in the realm of physics, symbolizing the intrinsic value of speed that is ingrained within our nature. We exemplify this by providing prompt and satisfactory services, boasting 10-minute deliveries and expanding to numerous locations throughout the nation. At the core of our business, we place paramount importance on expedience, recognizing it as a critical element of customer satisfaction

At our esteemed organization, we strive to revolutionize conventional ideologies by generating cutting-edge and unconventional ideas. Our team consists of highly accomplished professionals in operations, engineering, and marketing who adopt a first-principles approach towards their work. We understand that the notion of 10-minute delivery may appear improbable, and that is why we endeavor to challenge established mindsets and pave the way for innovative paradigms

At our company, customer experience is of paramount importance. We endeavor to surpass expectations in all aspects of our operations, encompassing product offerings, logistics, and beyond. Our pursuit of excellence motivates us to continually challenge conventional standards, and our resolute commitment to delivering exceptional customer satisfaction underpins all our actions. Our unwavering dedication to providing nothing less than delightful experiences to all our valued customers is at the core of our mission.